Sept. 26, 2021

Anansi and Mr. Dry-Bone

Anansi and Mr. Dry-Bone

Last week we shared a piece of folklore from Ghana which featured Anansi, and in that folktale Anansi was less of a trickster and more of a villain. But Anansi's body of work, like the African diaspora itself, is broad and varied. Depending within which folktale you encounter our spider friend, he may be less villain and more tricky trickster, as is the case in this week's story. This week we experimented with the format a little bit, and instead of telling you the story, it is acted out. Let us know how you liked it!



Inspiration for rewrite : "Tales from the West Indies", by Philip Sherlock [1988]

Rewritten & Narrated by : Tanner Campbell

Sound Designed by : Tanner Campbell

Music License:


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