Oct. 11, 2021

The Horse-Bride and Her Horse-Husband

The Horse-Bride and Her Horse-Husband

This week we travel to ancient Turkey for a story featuring a Sultan, a horse, a jinn, a witch, and a woman who has married in to some significant family drama. When a father gives his daughter to a horse in marriage, things go sideways in unexpected way. Just who is this horse anyway, and what's this Sultan's deal? Forcing his daughter to marry a horse!? Listen to learn more and discover if this one has a happy ending.



Inspiration for rewrite : "Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales", by Willy Pogany [1913]

Writing and Narration by : Tanner Campbell

Sound Design by : Quinn Greenhaus

Music licensed through: Artlist.io

SFX licensed through: Artlist.io and Boom Library


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